Join us for HOCUS FOHCAS - a fun night with your best pet friend at Bourbon Barrel Tavern in downtown E'town on "Third Thursday", October 19th 4-8pm.

Bring your pet in costume (feel free to come in costume too). There is no fee to enter AND you could win a prize! Categories for pet costume judging are scariest, most creative and best group (animal or animal/human group). We reserve the right to disqualify any costume that is disrespectful to anyone else. Also, humans, we really prefer not to see "sexy" versions of anything please.

Dogs, cats and other small pets are welcome as long as they are leashed or otherwise contained and are ok with other animals in the same space. We don't need any bar room brawls, so if your pet prefers his/her space other-animal free, this won't be the best place for them.

Sign up for the costume contest by 6pm. Judging starts at 6:30pm and winners will be announced at 7pm.

We look forward to seeing you at BBT on October 19th!


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