Why Spay and Neuter?

Spaying and neutering is the responsible and healthy choice you can make for your pet. The benefits include: reduced risk of certain cancers, reduced territory marking and spraying behaviors, lower stress in you and your pet and the elimination of accidental litters of puppies and kittens. Spaying or neutering your pet will help them live longer and healthier lives.

If you are unable to afford the costs of spay/neuter of your pets, we can help. We offer low cost spay/neuter services to Hardin and surrounding counties.

Applying for the assistance program is easy!

Click the button and complete the online application. You will receive a confirmation email when you submit your application.

About The Clinic

Friends of Hardin County Animal Shelter now schedules surgeries through the Hardin County Animal Shelter, located at 220 Peterson Drive in Elizabethtown, KY. The shelter houses a surgical suite equipped to provide safe, effective surgeries with separate recovery space for the animals during their stay.

Standard Clinic CoPay

Female Dog.......$60
Male Dog...........$50
Female Cat........$50
Male Cat............$40
*fees may be adjusted based on application

All cats and dogs must have current rabies vaccinations. Cats must also have current feline distemper vaccination and dogs must have current canine distemper/parvovirus. Proof of these are required. If your pet is not up to date, these will be provided for your pet. We also provide limited other services at the time of surgery only. Our focus is spay and neuter and we do not provide any services for pets who are not being altered at the same time.

Add-On Services
Effective Feb 1, 2019

Microchip $18.00

Canine Bordatella $10.00

Feline Revolution(worms, ear mites, fleas) $10.00

Canine Dewormer $10.00

Canine HeartWorm Test $10.00

Canine Flex 4/HW Test $22.00

Feline FELV-FIV Test $25.00

Are You Feeding Community Cats?

Thanks to donations by our generous supporters, caretakers of community cats in Hardin County are able to have those cats, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and ear-tipped and return them to their outdoor homes at no cost to them. This helps to make the cat population in our communities healthier and more manageable.

Complete an assistance application and note that the cat(s) you are applying for are community cats. 

You can also call Hardin County Animal Shelter directly at 270-769-3428 or contact Alley Cat Advocates in Louisville at 502-634-8777. 

Alley Cat Advocates and Hardin County Animal Shelter can also loan humane traps. 

If you are unable to trap or transport the cat(s), send us a message.  We may be able to connect you with a community trapper that will assist you.

Contact Us:

Friends of Hardin County Animal Shelter
P.O. Box 951
Elizabethtown, KY 42702

Other Resources:  Please consider other resources in our area to get your pet fixed.  

(a) Humane Society of Nelson County
(b) Kentucky Humane Society S.N.I.P. Clinic
(c) Alley Cat Advocates or call them at 502-634-8777  for assistance.

Clinic Wish List

Take donations directly to Hardin County Animal Shelter
Laundry Detergent
Fabric Softener
Stain Remover (Shout, Spray & Wash, etc.)
Original Clorox Bleach (No scented or off brands please)
Distilled Water
Paper Towels (and LOTS of them!)
Copy Paper
Liquid Hand Soap
Hand Sanitizer (Purell)
Trash Bags (white kitchen bags AND big black bags)
Fleece Blankets
White Bath Towels


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